It is the goal of Wolfgang Bätz to give a motorcycle an independent design or to create a motorcycle entirely new. This is not about to follow any trends, but to find own and timeless lines. (Wolf)gang Bätz put his heart and soul in Custom-Wolf. Meanwhile 20 years of independence in the field of graphic and industrial design have left traces for Wolfgang. Since more than 30 years he creates different kinds of vehicles The combination of trade and design consistently develops unique motorcycles. Handmade motorcycles by 

Custom-Wolf can not always be put in know categories. Sometimes they create new one´s. Diversity and imagination are our strength. Of course we place much emphasis on the driveability of the motorcycle. Whether a newly constructed show bike or a refined series bike, motorcycles are there for riding, even individually designed ones. Renowned chassis and engine tuners provide assistance and advice to us. Questions are answered to you via the contact page. Custom-Wolf parts and parts of other manufacturer can be ordered or offered via our Shop.